Wannabe Polyglot.

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Ben, 22, Hull, England. Currently residing in Paris.
Things you may see here: languages (and to a lesser extent linguistics); music (of the classical/performance and of the "regular" kind [rather pop oriented these days but always with the possibility of change]); anything that makes me laugh (which is a lot because I'm easily amused); text posts, whether personal or just general commentaries on the derp that is my life; anything relating to whichever TV show/movie/band/fandom I happen to be into at the time; and guys I find attractive. Who often just happen to be from said TV shows/bands/movies. Coincidence, hey.
About me.
My ask box is always open. I like anons. Especially ones in other languages. So yeah send me some love? :D  stalker(s) stalking.

The boy :)
Snapchat is benelldee.
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I’m starting a collection :3

I’m starting a collection :3

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    Having only read SS, you’ve no idea how badly I want to approach the series in this manner.
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    I love how the German one is like 2x bigger than the others lol
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